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If the recording is noisy

1. Go to Volume Control Program.
Start->Programs->Accessories->Multimedia->Volume Control
wpe2.jpg (14149 bytes)
Check the Mute option on Microphone Balance and keep the Volume Control Balance at 60-70%.

2. In the Volume Control Window go to Options->Properties menu and choose Recording Radio Button:

wpe5.jpg (22666 bytes)

3. Hit OK and you will see the following picture. Make sure that Microphone Balance is Selected

wpe4.jpg (14529 bytes)

4. If your Volume Control has Advanced Controls, hit Advanced button located under Microphone Balance and you will see the following picture:
wpe6.jpg (26813 bytes)
5. Make sure the Microphone Gain Control (or AGC) option is checked, then hit Close and record a phrase in Sound Recorder again.

BetterAccent Tutor is designed to be robust and noise tolerant. And even if the recording is noisy, the Tutor will be able to analyze your voice and provide you with the feedback. On average, regular microphones have better sound quality than built-in laptop microphones. If you are using a built-in microphone you might want to compensate by speaking louder.

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