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BetterAccent Approach

BetterAccent Tutor's purpose is to help students speak clearly and effectively and to be easily understood. We believe that there is no such thing as right or wrong pronunciation; not even two native speakers speak alike. But to be understood by native and non-native speakers, it is imperative for non-native speakers to match native speakers at certain key points. With visual feedback, the Tutor shows users’ speech characteristics that are most important.

The three factors that have the biggest impact on intelligibility of speech are intonation, stress and rhythm. BetterAccent Tutor analyzes and visualizes intonation, stress and rhythm patterns of users' speech. By visualizing users' pronunciation, the Tutor allows users to focus on the problems that are unique to their speech. The Tutor is designed to give users the power to identify, understand and correct pronunciation errors.

For Teachers  Information for Teachers can be found on this page

BetterAccent Research Papers To read more about BetterAccent proprietary knowledge-based speech analysis technology and its application to pronunciation training please read our research papers. 

On Teaching Pronunciation Teaching of intonation, stress and rhythm (suprasegmentals) and teaching using computer audio-visual feedback is receiving a lot of attention in the Language Learning Community. Here are some quotes from the most recent publications.  


BetterAccent Tutor - pronunciation training software based on instant audio-visual feedback of intonation, stress and rhythm 

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